Thursday, April 09, 2009

Use Correct Syntax with INDEX()

I am guilty of shortcutting when using the INDEX() function. The proper syntax is INDEX(array,row_num,column_num), but if your data is in a row, the following shortcut will also work: INDEX(array,column_num). DON'T DO THAT! It may work just fine in your Excel document, but I discovered recently that when you try to open the document with OpenOffice, it will interpret your formula as INDEX(array,row_num), and most likely result in a bunch of errors.

If your array is a single row, use INDEX(array,1,column_num)

Bottom line: Use Standard Syntax


Ben said...


Nice advice and thank you for sharing!


Mani said...

Hi Excel Blogger,

I Want to Know that there is any Formula is There for Adding Auto Number after two blank Rows .
For Best Understanding i have given a link of image ..

Image Preview :-

As you have noted the numbers are on the url cells after two blank cells that i want the forumal to enter it auto..Thank You in Advance ..